3 Breakthrough Breast Cancer Healing

Hearing "breast cancer" is still a horror for many people. The supposition that the lump certainly ended on the operating table, sliced breast, removal of breasts, to chemotherapy, making it very threatening disease. Unknown is, the treatment of breast cancer is very advanced, even allowing patients to go home 6 hours after surgery.

3 Breakthrough Breast Cancer Healing

1. Biopsy with minimal scars

When you find a lump, the first action is definitely performed by each surgeon is a breast biopsy to determine whether the lump is cancerous or not, the tumor is benign or malignant. Old technique, a biopsy is done "open", where there is an incision, require anesthesia, and performed in the operating room.

Meanwhile, the latest techniques Core Needle Biopsy there where the process only takes 5-10 minutes in the doctor's office with local anesthesia. Patients also do not need to fast, do not need hospitalization, and can go home after completion followed. The surplus again is this procedure performed without any incision, only a small wound two millimeters in diameter as the entrance pinhole.

Core Needle Biopsy technique means making a long way biopsy had been left by many doctors in Western countries. In addition to practical, diagnosis and hormonal status of the patient can be obtained with a fairly high degree of accuracy. With this procedure, each woman who discovered a lump in her breast around, no need to be afraid to consult. Importantly, if not all of the lump was cancerous, but also do not underestimate. By knowing the latest techniques of this kind, it is expected there was no hesitation or fear slashed or inoperable when checked out, let alone assume that the biopsy is surgery.

2. Lumpectomy without having mastectomy

When lumps biopsied turns is cancer, the next action is operating. However, these are often mistaken for breast cancer are surgery is to remove the entire breast is commonly called a mastectomy, thus eliminating the valuable property of women. That is not much known is already very advanced medical developments rapidly, so as to minimize surgery with maximum results. One surgical technique which is now widely applied by international medicine is Breast conserving surgery. With this technique, the operation is done only to remove the tumor and healthy tissue around the tumor to get a clean incision boundary of the tumor.

The next stage after surgery is Sentinel lymph node biopsy. This technique is done to check the condition of the lymph nodes, whether clean or contaminated cancer cells. Hearing the word "cleansing the lymph nodes" is not thought of is major surgery, because with this technique injects just enough specific fluid around the nipple, massage approximately sentence minutes, then make a small cut near the armpit area to find blue lymph nodes by following the lymph channels . After that, the fluid is removed and examined in the laboratory to see if the lymph nodes existing cancer cells or not. When clean, it does not need to be cleaned, while if the cancer cells are found will be followed later. Step by step action when applied correctly, it can avoid lymphedema or swelling of the arm that can happen to a person after undergoing surgery as much as 30%. Lymphedema is also the fear many women to assume that the surgical removal of the tumor in the breast certainly pose a risk of swollen hands.

3. Round 23 Hours postoperative

Which was applied in many hospitals in the United States is to repatriate patients max 23 hours postoperatively. This is done because when the patient a longer inpatient hospital, the risk of getting a secondary infection of the hospital environment is higher. In addition, the patient can go home in the near future because there is no more action needs to be done, just enough to wait drain is minimal and can be revoked. The rest, no more.

After surgery, the patient is also not to be covered with a thick bandage for wounds covered with a kind of glue leather waterproof and can be used in the long term. This allows the patient to move more freely, can shower and shampoo, as well as usual when it's at home, so do not feel confined and suffering.

All this new technique has the same thread, which makes the treatment of breast cancer is not creepy thought. Many patients who procrastinate to check up or decided on surgery because of worry or fear of the bad condition of others who have breast cancer, there was also him. There are a lot of people take the example of one of the events as their benchmark, even though there were operated mastectomy patients at 4 am and was able to go home at 10 AM.

Another advantage of the latest treatment techniques are very much cut medical costs. Core Needle Biopsy of course, it saves a lot because it does not need to hire an operating room, anesthesia specialists and inpatient rooms. Likewise, if the surgery, the patient did not linger in the hospital so it is cut hospital bill for the cost of room per day, doctors, drugs, intravenous fluids, and all that stuff. This means that the burden of breast cancer patients will not be burdened with expensive hospital bills and allow them to quickly recover from his illness.