Black Rice Claimed As Super Cancer Fighting Foods

Black rice is claimed scientists as a super food to fight cancer. Black rice is not black sticky rice. Color black rice is actually somewhat purplish for this is known to have many benefits. Savor it turned out to be proven by scientists who conduct scientific tests.

Black Rice
Scientists from Louisiana State University analyzed samples of bran (powder skin) of black rice grown in the southern United States. As a result, scientists discovered black rice had higher levels of antioxidants such as anthocyanins (anthocyanins) are soluble in water.

Black Rice

Fruits and vegetables also contain anthocyanins are usually dark colored like blueberries. The black color as it is also contained in the black rice. Research shows that antioxidants from plant dark can stop harmful molecules, helps protect arteries and prevent DNA damage that leads to cancer.

According to Dr. Zhimin, black rice crop would be economical to improve health. Manufacturers of food according to him, could use black rice bran extracts to make cereals, beverages, cakes, biscuits and other healthy foods.

Black Rice

Black rice itself has long been used in China are only allowed to be consumed by the nobility and became known as the 'Forbidden Rice'. While Asian countries are generally also are familiar with the black rice is usually consumed during special celebrations.

The black rice also has a lower carbohydrate content than ordinary rice with iron content is high enough.


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