Is Carrot juice can cure cancer stage 4?

Is Carrot juice can cure cancer stage 4
Treating cancer without chemical drugs are now becoming increasingly popular and in demand by many people. Some of them through therapy or natural ingredients that are known to inhibit or even kill the cancer. One is the carrot juice.

Children's author, Ann Cameron, claimed to have cured cancer intestines were already in stage four with carrot juice every day. Based on his experience, Cameron claimed that carrots can cure cancer without chemotherapy, radiation, or other cancer treatments.

In 2012, Ann was diagnosed with colon cancer. But he refused to do chemotherapy and surgery. Furthermore, the cancer is known to grow until stage four dangerous, as reported by the Daily Health Post (12/12).

Afterwards Ann met a man who managed to cure the cancer itself by eating five pounds of carrots. The man named Ralph Cole explained that initially he only eat three pounds every day, but to no avail. Finally he ate five pounds (2.2 kilograms) each day. After seven years, he was cured of cancer.

Ann Cole followed the advice and experience the same thing. He began eating carrot juice since 17 November 2012, and a CT scan on July 30, 2013 showed that the cancer had disappeared. During that Ann does not do chemotherapy, radiation, or changing his diet. He was still eating meat and other foods, including ice cream.

Ann is not recommended to eat unhealthy foods during cancer recovery process. But he wanted to tell the other person that trick with carrot juice was successful.

Carrots are known to contain falcarinol, an antioxidant that can ward off cancer. Researchers for this finding tumor shrinkage and healing of breast cancer due to these substances. Methods of using fruit and vegetables to cure cancer has actually been done by Dr. Max Gerson through methods The Gerson Methods.

The method is carried out by limiting food intake of patients with eating only healthy foods as well as vegetables and fruit for at least two years. This method is known to cure cancer without drugs.


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