How to Treat Breast Cancer Naturally

How to Treat Breast Cancer Naturally. As the name implies, breast cancer is a disease caused by the growth of cancer cells in the breast area. This disease mostly affects women, but men can also be affected. Characteristic feature of breast cancer is a type of cancer with the second highest number of people in the world. While the mortality rate, this type of cancer causes death the fifth largest in the world.

An early sign of breast cancer is the discovery of a lump in the breast that feels different. If pressed, the lump is not painful. Initially these bumps are small, but gradually enlarge and eventually attached to the skin or cause changes in the skin of the breast or nipple.

Here among other things you should note that the symptoms of breast cancer:
  • Lump in your breast change shape / size.
  • Breast skin changes color: from pink to brown to orange peel
  • Nipple into the (retracted)
  • One nipple suddenly loose / missing
  • When the tumor is large, appeared pain relapsing-remitting
  • Breast skin feels like burning
  • Breast bleed or other liquids, when you do not breastfeed
  • Signs of breast cancer the most obvious is the presence of ulcers (ulcers) in the breast.
  • Over time, these ulcers will become increasingly large and deep so as to destroy the entire breast.
  • Other symptoms are breast often foul smelling and bleed easily.
As for the symptoms of advanced breast cancer, the following is an excerpt from Wikipedia:

Advanced breast cancer is easily recognized by knowing operbilitas Heagensen following criteria:
  • There are extensive edema in the skin of the breast (breast skin more widely 1/3);
  • Satellite nodules in the skin of the breast.
  • Breast cancer types karsinimatosa mastitis.
  • There parasternal models.
  • There supraclavicular nodes.
  • Arm edema.
  • Presence of distant metastases.
  • And there are two of the signs of locally advanced, namely skin ulceration, skin edema, skin fixed to the wall of the thoracic, axillary lymph node diameter of 2.5 cm, and axillary lymph nodes attached to each other.
A number sign above it are the traits of breast cancer. However, if you experience one or more of the above, you may not suffer from breast cancer. Try to consult your doctor and do tests mammography. Later the doctor will analyze mammograms are generated and gives suggestions for you, or you can read an article of breast cancer cure


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