Prevention and Treatment of Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is a cancer of the breast tissue. This is the most common type of cancer suffered by women. Men can also develop breast cancer, although likely less than 1 in 1000. Many breast cancer treatments such as by way of a medical drug (chemical) or surgery with Breast Cancer herbal remedies, but there are many other treatments.

For those of you who feel there are things that look different in the breast, get it checked by a doctor not to be late. For example, the next enlargement, the surrounding breast lump, pain constantly on the nipple and forth as the information signs and symptoms of breast above.

Other actions that you can do is to avoid obesity, Eat less fat, Try to consume foods that contain vitamins A and C, do not eat too much salted and smoked, exercise regularly, and check-up breasts since the age of 30 years on a regular basis .

Handling and treatment of breast cancer depends on the type and stage experienced by patients. Generally only known to a person suffering from breast cancer after stepping up pretty badly stadium, this is due to lack of knowledge or shame so late for the doctor checked on aberration that it faces.

1. Surgery, In breast cancer known early then surgery is the appropriate action. The doctor will lift the lump and a small area surrounding the then replace it with another muscle tissue (lumpectomy). Broadly speaking, there are 3 surgery or breast cancer surgery including;
  • Radical Mastectomy, the surgical removal of part of the breast (lumpectomy). This operation is always followed by administration of radiotherapy. Lumpectomy is usually recommended in patients with large tumors less than 2 cm and located on the edge of the breast.
  • Total Mastectomy, the surgical removal of the entire breast, but not the glands in the armpit.
  • Modified Radical Mastectomy, the surgical removal of the entire breast, the breast tissue in the sternum, collarbone and ribs, and lump around the armpit.
2. Radiotherapy (Radiation / radiation), which is the process of irradiation on the affected area of cancer using X-rays and gamma rays are aimed at killing cancer cells remaining in the breast after surgery. This action has the effect of unfavorable as the body becomes weak, poor appetite, the color of the skin around the breast to be black, as well as hemoglobin and leukocytes tended to decline as a result of radiation.

3. Hormone Therapy, This is known as an anti-estrogen therapy system works to block the ability of estrogen that is in stimulating the development of breast cancer.

4. Chemotherapy, This is the process of giving anti-cancer drugs in pill or capsule or liquid through the infusion aimed at killing cancer cells. The system is expected to reach the target in the treatment of cancer that may have spread assigned to other bodies. The impact of chemotherapy is patient experienced nausea and vomiting and hair loss due to the influence of drugs given during chemotherapy.

5. Herceptin treatment, biological therapy that is known to be effective against HER2-positive in women with breast cancer stage II, III and IV with cancernya cell spreading.


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