Lychee Fruit Efficacy To Prevent Breast Cancer

Lychee fruit which has the scientific name "Litchi chinensis" is a seasonal fruit which generally can be found in China, India, Madagascar, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, southern and central Taiwan, northern Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, South Africa and Mexico.

Lychee fruit has been popular because it tastes sweet and fragrant flavorful and often served as a snack of fresh fruit and fruit dessert mix of different variants.

Lychee fruit rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C and minerals that are useful for health. The content of vitamin C in fruit lychee believed to help fight heart disease, and also good for the health of bones, skin, and tissue. Because of its vitamin C content is high, fruit lcei also good to fight colds, flu, and sore throat.

Based on the latest research results, lychee it also has the properties and benefits to prevent breast cancer. The study shows that the flavonoids in fruit lychee can resist the development of some cancer cells, especially breast cancer.


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